Roof Restoration Campbelltown - Roof ReplacementRoof Replacements & New Roofs

We are specialists in roof replacements and new roofs. A new roof can be a large project and we are here to guide you through the entire process, from material and colour selection through to management of the project.


Roof Restoration Campbelltown - Roof CleaningRoof Cleaning & Roof Painting

Our range of services include roof cleaning and roof painting which both go hand in hand. Before each paint we pressure clean the roof and inspect for any repairs that are required. A roof paint will have your home looking like new without breaking the bank.


Roof Restoration Campbelltown - Roof RepairsRoof Repairs

Cracked or dislodged tiles or damaged metal roofing are entry points for the elements into your home. Issues such as these need to be addressed quickly before further damage occurs. Like most things, the longer it is left the larger the problem becomes such as structural damage.


Roof Restoration Campbelltown - Gutter ReplacementsGutter Replacement and Installations

We carry out installations and replacements of gutters, down pipes, valleys, fascias, eaves and flashings. Common issues include rusting, flaking paint and leakage. Replacing your gutters, down pipes, valleys and flashings will improve your homes look and functionality, whilst adding value.


Roof Restoration Campbelltown - Roof AssessmentRoof Assessment & Reporting

We carry out affordable, independent and thorough assessments on all types of roofs. We provide you with an easy to understand, comprehensive report which includes photos, suggestions, and if required an estimate for recommended repair work for budgeting purposes.